Benson Shredding

When Benson isn't busy frequenting drinking establishments or at a photoshoot with Kingsly, he can be seen shredding all types of BMX terrain. So here is a little snippet of what type of rider he is. HD footage only.



gets naked without been drunk... 
... still not drunk...

wheay! now he'd drunk. And pregnant by the looks of it. Simon wears some dead thing on his head whilst going in for the sly french kiss. cheeky. 


CheK Dem Lyriks

The origin of these lyrics are unknown, Jonny G found and framed them for Marv's birthday.

I am putting out a challenge for someone to record them spitting out these here lyrics. Lay down a beat, lay down your flow and someone could be the first signing of Stooper loseR records.


Casper Amy's Cat

After smoking crack for the first time and tearing the sleeves off of yet another one of his shirts, Fat Mike thought it'd be a good idea to lock the cat in his wierd basket cage/bed and recycle his bong smoke by blowing it into the ninja cats face. Cat got some lean eyes. Mike passed out. Good night.


"Dream on..."

Rob was nervous...

It might have been because he looked like he had just woken up?

The free cobras ran out so we bought more and smuggled them in!

Rob likes his supers with champagne

Then to the Mabeth...


Metal Kingsley

Kingsley was in disapproval of some girls leggings which were made to look like jeans

So he let her know what he thought

Another Lovely shot of Marv

Rhys Turned up

So Benson beat his ass down

The both saw the funny side

They danced for a while

Until they're girlfriends ended the night by having an epic chick fight

The fact that my Batteries decided to die just before this kicked off was my only criticism of the night, I'll have them fully charged next time...honest!



Rhys received the greatest of presents for his birthday. No, not a speedboat (he hadn't won bullseye) but a table full of sambuccas! 

what the fuck is that on marvs tongue? 

Rob and metal dave discussing the pros and cons of sharing a room. 'yeah, but rob. all we need to do is get two double matresses in the middle and then my drum kit in the corner'. to which rob replied ' i think it would be better to split the room with a partition floor. a top and a bottom'...... 'You reckon? how am i gonna play drums stooped over like that?' 'dunno man, just deal with it. at least you've got two arms dude. rick allen from status quo would love to play stooped over like that if he had two arms' 


Rilers the one and only!

'Marv you gotta any gurners?' You can only pull off a vest if you are the best. Vest Bintang, lipstick a models own.

Stooping for life

Not only is this completely badass, Its clear evidence that Popeye is a fan of the blog, The size of that forearm is magically.

photo by W.Vaughan (see below)


Simon Booth king of the scumbags

Beer special brew clothes models own.



with the movies showing a very long and (apparently) shit epic about australia, heres a more positive view on our antipodean pals jumping in puddles, playing on elevators and making long distance calls back home. Reverse charges probably.