stooper losers in athens

me and marv just returned from a trip to athens with fit bikes. it was a load of fun but athens for the most part was a stinking shit hole full of junkies who would wash there needles in the public fountains and then shit themselves. Greek smackheads are probably the shittest i've ever come across in the whole world. i've never had so much resepct for our english addicts. Against the greek (although i'm pretty sure most looked like immigrants but i can't really say that can i?) smackheads in the UK look like country gents! 'scuuuuuse me sir, would one care for me to dispose of your needle BEEEhind this bush, instead of leaving it in this playground? why yes sir! that would be rather fine of you'. fuck me, i thought the crackheads on south beach in miami looked bad! The cheeky fuckers would leave there needles everywhere. even at the universities (same in thessaloniki, maybe worse), just littering the ground. epidemic dosen't even come close. 
  anyway, it wasn't all doom and gloom! we had a right old laugh. we stayed in some hostel that seemed like some throwback from Albania. everyone thought it was shit but i thought it was bearable. at least it had hot water! ha, no chance of that. 

Thats me and marv there. Hi!                         

Bengo smashed his head against a metal girder at chernobyl.... sorry, the olympic stadium and had to get some stiches. owain (who took him to A+E) said the hospital was a right state, but he lives in chester and my locals homerton, so i can't imagine there been much difference. 

Marv waits to see if he's won the lottery

dinner with some locals. one of this lot was a judo master. just before this we all nearly got in a brawl because the greeks can't drive. Marv and some other dude nearly got run over but luckily the judo master stepped in and defused the situation. this is a post- possible beatdown meal. 

so greece is a bit of a weird place. a week or so before before we got there a young lad got shot by a policeman for apparently no reason. all the students had been rioting and burning cars outside the government offices. Jon, one of the the local BMXers said the whole city was on its knees. the olympic stadium was in disrepair and the security didn't mind you riding it but wouldn't let you take photos because it was beginning to fall apart. apparently the pictures would paint a bad picture of the city. i think seeing smackheads washing there needles in public fountains whilst kids played in the park next door might be something that needs addressing first eh? 

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