gore gallery

Soooo..... my current phone broke the other week, so i am back to using the n95, on which i totally forgot i have a full years worth of photos, 800 in total. I thought i would start off with a themed post... The gore gallery....

Ian Schwartz after some warehouse party off kingsland road, i cant remember what happened exactly, i just remember Ian's ear getting ripped off. It was when the sunday team were down filming or something, i am sure the professor had a new ear growing on the back of a mouse in no time.

Benson's head, i remember this one pretty well, i was at Nialls house playing mario kart on the wii, when bensons turns up, with blood down his face.

"do you think i need to go to the hospital?"


"are you sure?"



"are you sure?"

"i think i can see your skull"

"No way, take a photo, let me see."



"told you so"

Some cunt cracked marv in the face with a builders hard hat. We had been to a party at that place behind maccy d's in dalston, and the funny thing i remember was the police asking me if it was a sexuality based attack. does this mean i dress camp? i was wearing a wolf t shirt, nothing more manly than that. right?

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