Living Proof

Even Stooper Losers have to take a break sometimes. See, when that hangover comes around and you get to about 8'o'clock on the Saturday night and the meal a day or slice of hard pizza really hasn't worked the magic, like it usually does, there's always the back up plan to regain full stoop strength. Mission it down Shoreditch house, don't be shy about having a quick dip, sink a coupla mojito potions and feel rich for about 5 minutes until you listen to Rob talking about hows he's contemplating taking a shit in the pool and how the pool would be a cool place to molest girls in the summer. Then it's back to reality and back to a nice chilled super beverage on the stoop. Here's a coupla fotos of Benson, Si and Rob living the dream.

PS. Got hasseled by the Brooklyn NYPD last night for street drinking. Apparently it's not legal to drink street beers even if you've got the tin in a brown paper bag. One ticket for open container. One ticket for being underage. FUK DA POWLYEC

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