Lost and Found

Some photos I figured I had Lost or deleted just got re-discovered while I was browsing my Memory Card. All from a party we went to somewhere around Bethnal Green which involved garys, squirty cream, sambuca, book stealing, Millsy drinking lots of water, fighting talk between friends and Marv trying to punch some guy while the rest of us took photos and tried to put kitchen utensils into the dude's lame jacket.

Fly catchers convention

The Aforementioned dude with lame jacket


Millsy sipping H20


Dear Niall, I owe you 1 bobble hat, love Marv

"E're blud, I got your gurners!"

We tricked people into the room and pinned them into the chair while we lifted them up and cheered like real men. This was actually in the dark but the flash of the camera says otherwise!

Steady repping!

Jah Bless!


  1. Dude i saw the blonde prick with the denim jacket this morning, riding a chrome 90's as fuck bmx with four piece bars forward as fuck. He needs to be exterminated.

  2. that night was fucking hilarious - bet he's still clunking around in his shoreditch denim and multiple forks. actually shit he looks a bit like me from behind