Random photo sunday

Ok, so with a lack of updates this week, i have come back to posting some random photos from my old phone. Simon and Kingsley are obviously having too much fun in Texas to stooperlose.

Kingsley, tony and minns were in a advert for Guitar Hero.

Haven't you heard its all about layers and plaid.

On the Stoop with little Ben and his princess.

super drinks and chilli con carne

Buuddddddyyyyy.. Bomber romps with the floor.

Bensons political stance.

Jimmy Nez pegz, come back and visit soon.


Boost at the location wakey destroyed.

Joe Jox and his real tattoo

I went through a big OOOOObama phase

This was a good night.

Marv tempts fate with standing under a 3 ton anvil

Niall shooting on Red

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