wild west hoedown

Josh Bedford came to town for his brothers birthday and told us to come down to the birdcage because it was a country and western night. 

Rob made friends with 'sitting bull' or archie from Bow to his mates. This dude was like the Bez of the country and western world, east london branch. He was a pure hype man, doing these little bows and dances whilst the entertainers boshed out the classics. The night would not have worked without the hype man

This sweetheart took a shine to us. She was so wasted that she could have been at a drum and bass night and not even noticed or cared. One of the boys in this photo had already french kissed her on a previous occasion but none of the accused parties remembered it happening
This was the roadie-cum-bouncer-cum-retard who carried the singers stuff to the van and made sure hype man had enough room to.... well, hype i guess. 
No idea who this wasted bird is. She was walking about the place like she was the hottest thing in there. Slim pickings that night...
here she is again! Jon's mum. Take her home mate. 

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