Sons of bobends

last night jon and topgun put on a northern soul night at our local pub, the duke of wellington. At 11 out came the silk cut ashtrays and the blinds went down for some locked in drinking. to say i was drunk is a massive understatement. i woke up this morning and thought i was still in my single bed at my mums house in sheffield. i had forgotten ever moving away to bristol, moving to london, traveling etc... everything. i thought my room looked like a brothel, which if i'm being honest with myself, it kind of does. 'what the fuck am i doing in this sex pit torture chamber! Mum!' Then i came round a bit and took a dump and looked at these photos. i don't think i took any of these. 
a recent opinion poll found that terry, on the left, to be the hardest man in east london. seriously, this man could knock out a shire horse. Shaun, on the right, was also voted londons greatest landlord, but everyone knew that already.

This was on the camera too. no idea about this. i think i look pretty good in a denim jumpsuit and Jonny isn't looking too bad in those dungers which work well for the homosexual pimp look thats all the rage these days in east london

Conner pulls some darlin' with a gap tooth that puts mine to shame whilst adam mysteriously protrudes from her skull whilst eating conners thumb. technical stuff from a qualified tree surgeon.

Milsy licks jakes eye out. Is this normal? am i missing out on something here? he was doing this same thing with some skirt later. practice makes perfect en mike?
'did you know that your arms are bigger than the base of a redwood, which i
s the tallest species of tree on earth'  adam offers educated comparisons about richie's he man arms. he could knock out a shire horse too. 
somebody decks it....then somebody cops a quick feel. cheeky!Bowlhead was there with his sweedish girlfriend. thats her on the right. 

'True northern soul'? 

I like how they left the golf playing on the telly. george does too. look how happy he is! oh yeah alexa chung was there aswell. 
bradley smoking and drinking at the same time

everyone looks happy after a smooth transaction. Ross said he liked our blog so he gets a photo on here. He's dashing isn't he? do you know we get about 65 people a day looking at this shite? somebody in hong kong checked it. 
Jonny unaware that in about two hours he will be wearing ladies dungarees 

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