that really hot pop punk night

this party was a while ago but i got a few old rolls of film developed and this cropped up it was at the old blue and it was almost as loose as when they used to have the grime MC's there. was it someone from roll deep who pushed the speaker over, nearly crushing a cute li'll thing walking up to see what the racket was about? who knows... 
    anyway, this pop punk revival night (the first of many i suspect) got pretty messy. it was so hot it looked like everyones skin was falling off. my boss (Robhate) and RB spent all night up there (rob didn't take his coat off btw) and it looked like they had been doing a workout with mr motivator in a swedish sauna. nice. 

'please, just get me some fucking tissue!' 

'Tissue!? heres a bit of... ice... to mop up that blood'. Nurse julia in effect. 

is that your dad Jon? take him home mate! and don't forget to get your leather coat before he gets the train back to the boondocks. 

speaking of coats. WTF! Rob, its 4000.C and your face is melting. 

some pre stoopin' here. this was a good stoop turnout. bet the bar (shop) got some good takings. wheres the birthday boy kingsley!? 

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