Money for nothing and your chips for free

Street football

You ever played it bluhd? Rilers scores again!

Lock up your daughters

Fake tits at 19 lets have a feel!


Another good night!

Once again it wasn't metal Dave. He was in the red zone and Snake has pictures to prove it.


Goodnight World

Leeds this weekend...

Stooper Losers want your liquor. They want your women. But most of all...THEY WANT EVERYTHING!!!!!



Stumpy Dan

This photo is a must for everyone's desktop backgrounds!


someone had a goodnight

..and it wasn't metal dave.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Mr. Fat Mike. Spot the Gurn...

35 garys/1 weekend.


Chemical Reaction - Stoop+Girl = Before/After

Before stooper losers:

After stooper losers:


The night started off like most. The stoop was the meeting place, and the drinks were super. Myself and the man child were running late, so in a rush, I told him he must be quick. Never thought id see such a combination. At the stoop an old friend named fat mike showed up.

He wasn't feeling to well when we got back to our house, so he had a little lay down.

We started to discuss the ins and outs (literally) Man childs genitalia

Mike kept interupting with weird noises. Turned out to just be a mild case of swine flu.

So we decided to wrap him up warm and went on our way.

Aren't webvids fun

Me and Benson's went down mile end skatepark and met Simon at 10am because we weren't allowed to stay at his due to his landlady coming around for an inspection So i made this web video to pass the time.