This next songs called H-Town

I got 2 kids. a little boy. a little girl. they make me vex. i hate them.

The Cordelia Dream

super poppin stoop hoppin aint no stoppin

Mike vs.

Just your typical night at the stoop


Stoopapalooza '09

Check this space, this shit is gunna be heavy. supers + relentless x 2



Mosh cats

This Straight edge faggot is more of a pussy than you, Holmes.


Best Band In London

This video literally has it all. The single launch for these bad boys tonight 42 - 44 Kingsland Road in a basement under the railroad bridge, you know you want to be there and its free you tramps!


Next stop the stoop!

The neighbours called the fire pigs cos they thought the building was on fire! Ha ha ha

Stoop O'clock 5pm -3am

sweet music on the stoop. He only had 3 strings, yet still preformed some Iggy pop in addition to looking slightly like snoop dogg.???

What do you call two Irish lesbians?

Go on,. Give us a crisp.

£180 RRP shirt.
Please give me my K back?

Probably not a good idea to fall asleep when Benson is looking this Sassy.


Owh nooo-w yaw di-hent

Hastings June 2009. Stooper Losers- Post 9 and half hour Stoop session. Post Bucks Fizz super pinkies out. Post mugging some bird for 3 tins of K. Post finding a quatre of mandy. Post bird mentioning the B word. Post haggling for a box of Razzle Mags. Post Calculator dude and his space raider bird. Post smoke out. Post staying up alnight. Post Benson scotting his bike from Bethnal Green to Charing Cross. Post 4 for 6. Post Monster Munch breakfast. Post Getting a train to Hastings at 10 in the morning. Post snaking some bevvies from tesco and getting straight in the sea.....


She is back!

Oh my god Ying is back. Gone for 2 week how did we manage? The queen of the dance!!!

Vans trip to france

Ride head honcho and icepick to over aficionado steve bancroft smashed his face up bad enough on a Vans trip around france and i was sent as his replacement. what a fucking hoot this was. 
about 5 sunburnt days in we went to this spot at the bottom of the alps called Annecy. We skipped riding the bowl we had come to ride and got a few pedalos and headed for some deep water. two euros extra got you a slide and it was well spent because a pedalo full of girls came over to us quicker than flies to shit. 

And markus wilke was on board too! 1999 x games silver medal holder turned filmer and chain smoker. 


After working at Seventies for a while H-man realised he really was a homosexual and has given up taking shit photos and got a whole new style. He knew almost all of his old style was going to have to go, other than his trusty utility belt for his mobile and his fisherman's friends. After waiting so long to wear jeans he has fucked them off and has got a one piece skeleton suit that must be worn at all times. And finally his party trick to end all party tricks on to suck massive cocks and get bukakkied, not my cup of tea but each his own. Glad to see you putting it out there H!


Only in Jeans

Sorry Marv, sorry

Marv has an interview over on this blog called sorry mum, sorry. Go check it out.


International Stoop Collective

So Rhys has just been to the Art Olympics in Venice. He had plenty of fun. In between hanging out with members of the velvet underground in luxury penthouse hotel rooms and diving off canal bridges, he located and dominated a venice stoop.

Stoop worldwide


Benson the Narrator

Benson stepped into the shoes of the narrator role for my final uni film...

The Short and Painful Life of S. Kate Board from Niall Kenny on Vimeo.

He'll be doing voice over for adverts quicker than you can say Mr Muscle