Gimme your digits!

Mobile phone photo clear out in the style of a well needed blog post!


Field day fury

Marv goes for the man child look

Then poses with murphy, but you can call him Robocop

Sex pest!

Oh no you di'nnnnt!

Mini Stoop

Kingsley does Nandos

Bowlhead wears his glasses on his forehead to keep Rob happy


Sex pest Mk.II

Rob catches tube in hot new camo look, members of public not impressed!

Rob continues to break fashion boundaries with the brokeback look


and the Beast!


1 comment:

  1. i have a couple of queries, both of which relate around marv:
    no.1: why have you cropped out the child he is trying to seduce in his first photo, are stooperlosers actually scared of lawsuits? man up
    no.2: why did you not tell him he's supposed to take the card out of new shirts before wearing them? why does he not know this, has he never bought a new shirt before? possible i guess, maybe it's become harder to perfect that 'yob' look with what's available in the charity shops of east london