Whats dat?

Oh you know



SUPER SUNDAYS- 'STAY CHAN' Fit premiere and Chan at the wellie

Are Sundays becoming the new thursday? The 'day of rest' hasn't been this much fun since rob and me became locals at the sunday night techno party that had a rancid, verruca-infested pool and sleazy hottub. Man, that discotheque was so fucking disgusting. boys and girls swimming around in three day old underwear. Although the lifeguards were lenient on the heavy petting rules, although not so much on the running bombs, especially in all your clothes.

Thats Chan there. the little chinese man that is a dead ringer for pavarotti, eric clapton and whatever the lead singer from Boston is called. Obviously not in looks though, vocally only. Imagine Mr Miyagi without the beard or spectacles and with a slight essex accent, some self decpricating humour and bangin' guitar skills.

Marv and Niall are fans

Teddy and James are undecided...

Naomi's peckish...

Bradley makes sure everyone knows what type of dog he's got

Then up to the Fit Premier that Volt had put on. i think thats Justin Inman about to jump something or maybe he's taking a shit...

Thats Scott Malyon on the left there. No idea what Rushmore is finding so funny next to him. Maybe its when Dakota landed in that puddle and soaked his afro, if thats the case then i'm probably laughing to.



More Skateboarding >>

Go on this....


vote for Vans and we'll buy you a blue WKD on the stoop when Vans win, will post the actualy edit up when its live on the 15th but in the meantime vote!


Those bloody pipes...

make so much noise!



Newbury - NYC - SF - London - Sheffield

When you're outside the snooty sniffing coke and nature calls what you gunna do? Bartlett knows "gimme your socks"
Edders hit snooze time on route to Philly
George Washington sq = Scene from Kids beat down
Vindawg dont play
It all goes down on this street obv

Even shop keeps in SF want to rep Hate!

Me and me America bird.

Super Burrito dinner (enjoy Lorrie)

San Fran from the ferry into town

Erny holds it down with "mike" my new dealer, while Babs bugs out.

Rhys selects his new footy shirt of choice

Tommy and Wozzy get fresh with cat woman, after josh makes her cry and i realize she aint going to put out.

Stooping Sheffield style."I dunno where the party is", "Fuck it then lets stoop it here for a bit"

The punisher lives!!!!
Mossman drops a slash post line of mescaline

It had been a while since my last proper post and there was lots to show.