Nice shooting son.

Joel Kinnaman--best known for his role on AMC's The Killing--is probably going to be shot to death and reconstructed as a cyborg police officer of Detroit's future, because MGM decided someone has to be.
The studio was previously rumored to have been considering Chris Pine, Russell Crowe, or Michael Fassbender for the title role in their RoboCop remake, but it seems there's now a lesser-known, gaunter-looking Murphy in their sights. Kinnaman, who also just appeared in Safe House, is reportedly getting the lead offer from MGM.

the hate house years

Has it really almost been 10 years since the first hate house?


A visual representation of what its gunna feel like when the next melon video drops


bike of the day

deal of the day 1

I heard little ben is getting me one of these for my birthday.


techno steve: a blast from the past

Apparently some people haven't heard of techno steve.


stoop Olympics: pop doggie

Joey Chestnut eats 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Can you do better this summer at the stoop olympics?


shrover losers

click image for detail......


Welcome back Kenny

its been a long time.......Myrtle Beach, baby!!! eastbound and down S03 E01.. go go go



what humans will look like in 50 million years?

Conceptualised by speculative zoologist Dougal Dixon in the early 80's and published in Omni magazine, these are renderings of what Dixon believes humans might look like after 50-million years of evolution. Basically all brain and penis .nice.

expert mode

Say it aint so #20


mini lee

Vigo + gong =